Fundera Turns to P.J. Miller for Insights on Business Interruption Insurance Coverage

P.J. Miller

P.J. Miller

Partner P.J. Miller was interviewed by Fundera for the article “Business Interruption Insurance: What It Covers and Where to Get It” and discussed business interruption insurance coverage for online and in-home businesses.

Business interruption insurance is a very specific type of coverage designed to keep a business on its feet when it’s recovering from a disaster or unexpected situation. Business interruption insurance covers lost income and operating expenses when a disaster forces a business to slow operations or temporarily close down. Coverage can be purchased as part of a business owner’s policy or added on to a commercial property policy. 

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, you’re most in need of business interruption insurance because you heavily depend on your store and the physical assets inside it. If you need to close down a portion or all of your shop, you clearly lose potential customers. Home-based and online business owners have less of a need for business interruption insurance, but should still consider their situation. Most homeowners policies won’t cover lost business income. And although online businesses might have their own physical assets, business interruption insurance can still help if a supplier in your supply chain is affected by a disaster.

According to P.J. Miller, partner, vice president and chairman of the board at Wallace & Turner Insurance, “Online and, to a lesser degree, in-home businesses could actually be dependent on off-premises, non-owned locations being insured, whether it’s a storage unit or out of state from a company that supplies or ships the goods you’re selling. There’s business interruption insurance if, for example, your loss is due to the fire that destroyed the warehouse/manufacturing plant that is possibly your sole supplier.” 

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