Q&A with Local “Rock and Soul” Band Someday Morning - WT Supports Album Release Show

Someday Morning

Wallace & Turner Insurance is proud to support Someday Morning’s album release show on August 17, 2019 at Mother Stewart’s Brewing. We sat down with the band to learn more about the members, their music and what we can expect at the show. Read more below.

Someday Morning: a four-piece blue collar “rock and soul” band that hints at southern charm and honors the sad stories told in the key of blues.


Troy Brown (Vocals/Guitar),

Reed Jones (Lead Guitar/Mandolin/Banjo)

Jordan Powell (Bass/Piano)

Dann Burd (Drums) 

How did the band form?

The band really came together by “chance meeting.” Troy (Singer) and Jordan (Bass) ran into each other at a party...somehow the conversation of music came up, and we shared stories and battle scars from previous music ventures. At the time, neither one of us were doing anything musically. In fact, neither of us had any real intentions to get back into it. One conversation led to another and we met up to play through some songs. Troy showed Jordan a few he had tucked away and it all just clicked. 

Shortly after that, Troy invited our drummer Dann to come out and see what he thought. Troy had known Dann from a previous project that was signed and toured the country. Immediately there was a connection and we played as a three piece for a while, however, we knew we needed an additional guitarist to carry the load. Jordan had known and played with Reed our guitar player years ago and mentioned how special of a player he was. We knew he was busy with a bluegrass project, but invited him out just to see if he had any interest. Well, needless to say there was interest and a connection, and the line-up was complete. Pretty unique line-up as we all somewhat come from different influences, but all of us come together to serve the song—we are definitely a “song first” band. (See official press release below)

How did you decide on a name?

Someday Morning comes from the idea that we are all going to do something “someday”—"Someday I’m going to do this”…“Someday I’m going to do that”… “Someday I’m going to get back to playing music.” “Someday Morning” simply means the day has arrived and it has officially begun.

Can you give us a quick background on each band member; are you all local?

Everyone in the band is married and Troy, Jordan and Reed have kids.  We are all pretty local with Dann (Drums) and Troy (Singer) from the Urbana area, Reed (Guitar) from West Liberty and Jordan (Bass) is our Springfield native. We are a mixed bag as far as occupations. Reed is a teacher, Jordan a local firefighter and Troy owns a pest control business that Dann also works at.

Where do you get inspiration for your songs? 

Inspiration for our songs come from life. Nothing made up, all things we’ve lived. Good times, bad times—it’s all there packaged as stories...both ours and yours.

We hear there is a new album coming out – can you talk about what fans can expect and any other details?

You are going hear a pretty organic approach to the album. Most of the production is very simple and not over produced. A lot of modern music has tons of fancy production, but we kept things simple to let the song really show through. Minus a little organ, what you hear on record is what we do live.  

Tell us what’s going on at the Mother Stewart’s Brewing show.

Mother Stewart’s Brewing will be our new album release event and our second time playing in Springfield. We have a fantastic acoustic artist Cory Breth opening the night around 7:30/7:45 pm and we will go on around 8:30/8:45 pm. Thanks to wonderful sponsors like Wallace & Turner Insurance, this is a FREE show and all ages! So just show up, but definitely get there early as we are expecting a large crowd.

Where can fans find out about other upcoming shows or buy/download your music?

You can find us at most social and music sites. Just look for “Someday Morning music” and we should come up! 

Anything else fans should know? 

While we have been lucky to play some big shows with national and regional acts like Candlebox, Muscadine Bloodline and Royal Bliss, nothing is like a hometown show, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share our music with our family and friends while also having tremendous support from the community.

Press Release:

All within the past 15 years, four local musicians separated only by about 10 square miles in rural Logan, Champaign and Clark counties, collectively spent countless hours studying music at a collegiate level, signing record deals, opening for multi-platinum artists, recording albums at legendary studios from Nashville, to London, New York to Los Angeles, toured nationally as well as internationally ranging from France to China, performed for audiences nearly eclipsing 100,000, had original compositions appear on numerous charts, song placements on television shows, appearances on tv shows, and yet somehow had never met...

That all changed roughly two years ago when friends of friends led to chance meetings, led to Thursday night collaborations, led to the formation of “Someday Morning”... a four piece blue collar “rock and soul” band that hints at southern charm and honors the sad stories told in the key of blues. 

While members continue to pursue other projects, this is by no means a “side project”...this is as lead singer Troy Brown states, a “passion project.” For these gentlemen who have been there, done that, there is no time to waste on any “delusions of grandeur.” He goes on, “It’s simple, this band is not about fame and fortune, it’s about the love of music, and being fortunate enough to share that with a like-minded group. We simply exist and write by only a few simple rules—open communication, and only playing music that is real and honest.”

That formula seems to be working as people have taken notice. In just a few short year since the band has started playing out, they have sold out two back-to-back hometown shows in Urbana, doing one-night acoustic and one night fully plugged in. Additionally, Someday Morning has opened for national and regional acts Candlebox, Muscadine Bloodline and Royal Bliss, all while “taking a chance” on an out-of-state competition that lived and died on “popular vote.” They managed to make the finals and the top five in a contest that included over 100 acts and competitions that spanned nearly three months.