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Flood Solutions: Insurance Against the #1 Natural Disaster

Flooding is the largest natural catastrophe and largest single event natural catastrophe that ever occurs, and only 7% of homeowners have flood insurance! Floods are not covered in your homeowners policy, but anyone can get the coverage as a supplement to their homeowners. Contact Wallace & Turner at (937) 324-8492 or lmiller@wtins.com to discuss your options for flood coverage.

Flood Insurance

P.J. Miller Comments on Holiday Light Display Liability Concerns

Holiday Light Display

Partner P.J. Miller was quoted in the Best’s Review article “Winter Wonderland” discussing the host of liabilities that home and public holiday light displays can create for insurers, including fires, injuries and distracted-driver accidents.               

“Light display-related losses are typically covered under business, auto or homeowners’ policies,” said P.J. “A standard homeowner’s policy, for instance, typically provides about $1,000 of medical payments coverage for injuries, regardless if the homeowner was negligent or not.” 

Public light display organizers now face some new concerns, including elaborate computer systems, drones and laser lights.

P.J. added: “Misdirected laser lights could temporarily blind visitors as they drive through a display, or homeowners may fly drones above their homes or neighborhoods. This creates new risks and additional investigation requirements for agents and brokers, who now are tasked with assessing if drone operators are certified and follow FAA guidelines, determining how high a drone is flying and ensuring computer networks aren't at risk for potential cyber hacks. That's where having risk mitigation procedures and a full risk assessment to minimize potential hazards can help.”

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Parents: Accidents Happen, Make Sure Your Kids’ Valuables Are Protected

Summer is over and school is back in session which means kids will also be starting up sports and other school-related activities. Did you know that insurance can be important when it comes to covering the tangible part of your kids’ activities?

If you have children in elementary, middle or high school, your homeowner’s policy can be used to protect against any items your child was loaned through the school they attend. If your child plays an expensive instrument or if they have a school-assigned laptop, consider consulting with your agent about adding that item to your insurance policy. Otherwise, you’re risking paying for a replacement if the item is lost, stolen or damages.

For our empty nesters sending their young adults off to college, make sure your child and their possessions will be protected while they are away. Check to see whether your personal homeowner’s policy extends to the contents your child took to school. Protect anything valuable that you would not want to pay out-of-pocket to replace. Accidents happen and, whether you want to believe it or not, an 18-year-old fresh out of high school may not be at the peak level of responsibility.  

Additionally, if your son or daughter is leaving their car behind at home while they’re at college (and it’s more than 100 miles away), don’t forget to advise your agent because there might be a pretty good discount!

If you have coverage questions about your children’s valuables, or what your homeowner’s policy covers, contact Wallace & Turner to discuss.