biz ba$ics

Wallace & Turner Participates in Tour de Biz 2018!

Each year, the Springfield City Youth Mission hosts “Tour de Biz,” an Amazing Race-style field trip through its Biz Basic$ Entrepreneur program to teach students how to start and run their own small businesses, sell products, handle personal finances and earn money. Seen in the photos are Partner P.J. Miller and Producer Myles Trempe with the Biz Basic$ kids. 2018 was full of new experiences, handshakes, conference rooms, hands-on challenges and lots of fun! 

Springfield Christian Youth Ministries - Springfield City Schools Biz Ba$ics

Springfield City Biz Basics

Partner P.J. Miller shakes hands with an 8th grader in Springfield Christian Youth Ministries' Springfield City Schools Biz Ba$ics. Kids are applying to be Champion City Scholars this fall. Being accepted will mean two years of free tuition at Clark State Community College after they graduate. The kids told leaders that the "Tour de Biz" was great practice for their scholarship interviews - they got extra points for shaking hands and introducing themselves at each stop.